Why removing tartar? Removing tartar hurt?
This is the question that many people pose, be understood and harms of tartar removing tartar effectively gives you and make the right decision.
- Get tartar - gingivitis treatment effectiveness.
Why so? Simply because the plaque tartar around the body surface, the tooth was the culprit bacteria accumulate and cause gingivitis. Removing tartar is the prevention and treatment of gingivitis.
Initially tartar clinging just above the crown - the part that we can see, you try to look at the mirror and the near-edged crowns. If you see yellow or black coat looks it's crude supply and tartar. More and tartar accumulate as much thickening and spreading to the roots spread both causing severe gum disease: beneficial swelling, redness, pain, bleeding when brushing or spontaneous bleeding, odors do you have to lose confidence ... and tartar occupied culprit of gum tissue adhesion to the tooth making dental benefits dropped and we looked long and soon shaken.

How to remove tartar? We can not get tartar?
The answer is no.
You go to the dentist's office to get help. Dental tartar cleaned survive so long in the mouth. Will be able to just take one appointment is your mouth clean, but sometimes have to go back several times because of your excessive tartar too hard too thick can not be cleaned right in your first appointment.
You worry that there will be more pain and bleeding u. Ê course will be slightly a bit, there is bleeding because your interests are inflammatory and will hurt if you are taken by hand tools. But by removing tartar techniques ultrasound, these worries will be removed: less pain, less bleeding, do not hurt the tooth surface than hand tools. Please ask him to be one the best care!
After cleaning teeth tartar surface will be smoothed by polishing powder helps prevent adhesion wrinkle humus and help feed adhesion gum tissue back to cover the tooth to restore aesthetics and stability dental health.
Removing tartar bring you benefits not only on the prevention and treatment of gingivitis, but also gives you other benefits:
- Return the mouth cleaner environment.
- Beauty significantly improved: White teeth and significantly reduced odor.
- Reduce the risk of other oral diseases: inflammation around the teeth, pressure - car benefits, cavities ...
- Trick simple, less complications which benefits from removing tartar gives us is huge.

So what can you do:
- Get in the habit of practicing good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth after meals, flossing, mouthwash and brush the tongue to clean plaque - humus food on the teeth and tartar buildup.
- Additional full of nursing ding especially vitamins B, C.
- From quit if you smoke them - cigarettes weaken the immune system and make quick tartar clinging to teeth, tartar removal more difficult rigid.
- And remember examined every 4-6 months / time - the dentist will remove tartar buildup and new detection and treatment of other oral diseases for you.
Those are things you can do to prevent tartar buildup, clean the mouth and fight gingivitis.