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1. What is orthodontic braces? Fixed orthodontic braces system is the method most commonly used today, thanks to the advantages of the treatment effect. Adjust the exact location of each tooth 3-dimensional space, light traction control to not hurt to organizations around the teeth, no spleen weighed in favor or jaw.
1. What is orthodontic braces?
Fixed orthodontic braces system is the method most commonly used today, thanks to the advantages of the treatment effect. Adjust the exact location of each tooth 3-dimensional space, light traction control to not hurt to organizations around the teeth, no spleen weighed in favor or jaw.
2. The system of braces used now what?
The system braces are used today are:
2.1 System classic metal braces Edgewise.
System classic metal braces were invented by Edgewise Edward H. Angle to the 20s of last century. To this day, this system has been widely used and most popular in the world.
Simple, cheap, effective, easy to use the advantages of metal braces Edgewise. When used, the doctor will tie bow on each tooth with braces shirts or steel only. For children, multicolored shirts can make children enjoy, but this kind of sticky shirts so difficult hygienic food. On the other hand, often tie into spandex tight braces creates friction large, slow-moving teeth. The frictional force acting very important to take into account when in orthodontic tooth movement.
Thus, this type of braces has the advantage of being inexpensive, easy to use and quite durable, and easy to replace if damaged or accidentally dropped braces. However, by creating friction and doctor may use excessive force to the patient or the pain and discomfort after attaching wires and braces. Teeth move slower, time to re-examination shorter (3-4 weeks compared with self-closing braces is 4-8 weeks), the total treatment time is usually longer (median 6 months) compared with the parent magmas install self-closing (self ligating). Patients also need to keep a closer oral hygiene if you decide to do this type of braces.
2.2 System Edgewise classic ceramic braces.
When braces porcelain was introduced in the early 2000s, this type of braces is one of disappointment when Dr. orthodontic braces are fragile, easily chipped, creating friction as time stretching, etc. ... Even Dr. orthodontic braces are removed from the service mission of their treatment.
Up to recent years, the advancement of the materials sector helped ceramic braces are definitely better, nicer, less friction than benefit for orthodontic doctors and patients more. The ceramic braces system today has gained strength equivalent to metal braces, timing and results of treatment were also comparable.
Disadvantages of ceramic braces is thicker than metal braces (for sustainability). The thickness of this will make the patient feel uncomfortable when carrying in his mouth. However, ceramic braces to achieve high aesthetic than metal braces should be a lot of patient selection.
2.3 System compelled metal braces.
The last years of the 20th century, the world received orthodontic braces a new system: forced self ligating braces themselves.
  The only difference is there a system braces slide or metal wings (wing clip) to cover and hold wires in braces. Wire will slide freely in the grooves of the braces, thereby reducing the maximum friction. Reduced friction helps doctors orthodontic force better control, use of force lighter, less distorted than wires, and many other benefits.
The problem is that this system requires braces sophisticated design, production, costs much higher.
Leveraging the advantages of using this system of braces, orthodontic doctor up a treatment plan with little more appointments (4-8 weeks / appointments), total treatment time is shorter (middle average faster than the 6 month braces edgewise), patients have less pain and discomfort than (by doctors to control its power is easier and lighter), teeth faster (because of less friction).
Type braces especially effective for patients with distant provinces. Using this type of braces, patients will save considerable costs for travel, due to the distance up visit compared with the conventional type of braces and treatment time is shortened up.
2.4 porcelain braces itself forced (Self Ligating).
As a combination of aesthetic and operational advantages of metal braces himself as above required. Cons greatest thickness, because ceramic braces to have good durability, the manufacturer must increase the thickness. Self-closing slide braces also make thicker. In addition, the types of braces are also the most expensive compared to other types.
With the advancement of technology today materials, ceramic braces can be seen as self-closing solutions to meet the aesthetic needs and features the best operating current. Biggest cons of this type of braces is the thickness. Thickness can make patients feel more comfortable while wearing braces, especially in the case of medium tension.
2.5 brace tongue surface.
This is considered a kind of invisible braces, because the person you're completely unaware of braces. Gives you confidence when communicating. We can say this is the type of braces smartest in the world today. However, the cost of treatment is quite high because of the side braces braces also known as blade surface requires doctors to have expertise in orthodontic face, and this type of braces are exquisitely designed for each orthodontic cases. Braces in the face with outstanding features aesthetic, some follow-up visit at the time adjust faster than conventional types of braces.
3. How to take care of dental braces such as what?
When dental care braces should perform the following steps:
   - Clean teeth after each meal or at least 3 times one day.
- Every time you brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes.
- Brush the top rim interests.
- Brush the bottom braces.
   - Brush the top braces.
- Use interdental brushes get all the food holster between braces.
- Remove any infected food between teeth.
- And remember, brush the chewing surfaces, the surface and the rest thoroughly.
4. What to pay attention while wearing braces?
When teeth are braces patients should note the following:
- Do not bite, tear direct hard chewy foods. For example, sugarcane, guava, bone, ...
- Do not eat gum, marshmallows and sticky foods, other plastics.
- Eat stewed diced patchouli.
5. What is required ceramic braces?
Not long ago, there are still many doubts about the "advantages" of self-tie braces. However, after a period of use, and compare the results, then braces himself had proved many advantages compared with classic braces, not only in handy features, easy to clean, low shot braces but also features a biocompatible, time and faster results and better.
Of course, if you are patient, they first felt forced to brace himself only as "expensive", but the results, they must "show knows." We understand that, and will try to you soon realize this result. Worldwide, self-tie braces are gradually replacing the classic braces, and in Vietnam will be the same.
6. Braces with ceramic braces will work slower than metal braces, the results are not as good. Where is the truth?
Previously, ceramic braces are more likely to shatter and cause more friction, making treatment slower process than metal braces. Also, due to quite get ceramic braces, and not sold separately (as an alternative to braces), many doctors afraid to treatment with ceramic braces. Ceramic braces generation today has improved the cons on. With ceramic braces itself forced Damon Clear, duration of treatment is the same with metal braces itself forced. Disadvantages of Damon Clear is now quite get, thicker and a bit of metal braces.
7. When eating with braces difficult not?
In many people, they easily get used to the feeling braces after the first few days. However, there are also about 20% of patients felt braces cause difficulty in eating and inconvenient.
For these patients, doctors will take steps to sequence slowly to the patient may be familiar, such as mounted just before 1 function (after a period when it was used to attach the remaining functions) limit raise joints, closely monitor patients during the early, etc. ... to help patients adapt gradually to the "journey braces".
Eating is "an essential part of life." So doctors are thinking about this and adjust reasonable force, so you can eat to stay healthy while "braces"!
In addition, the use of good material also helps the patient more comfortable, such as braces
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