1. When to implant?

If you lose teeth, implants should go as soon as possible, avoid spending more than the jaw bone. If you have damaged teeth need to be extracted, it should spit as soon as possible, because of dental disease can cause rapid bone function. Remember that with a special technique to avoid damaging the alveolar bone. Maybe now dental implants or tooth extraction after a few months.

2. Audience Who are dental implants?
Generally, anyone missing teeth (one tooth, several teeth or all teeth) can implant. However, in order to secure dental implants and success, first of all doctors will diagnose and assess overall health as well as your dental condition. The size and nature of edentulous jaw seats are the most interesting ones. The jaws are spending more as an obstacle to: bone grafting, sinus lift Implant Dental .. it was new. Advanced age is not a problem, 99 years old and still healthy, you could still "teething" implant. For some situations: uncontrolled diabetes, smokers and alcohol should be treated and controlled before implant.
3. Implant hurt?
Painless implant surgery, tooth extraction softer regional anesthesia simply implant placement. After surgery you may feel a little uncomfortable, but your doctor will prescribe medication to get rid of them and you might Daily necessities, work normally the next day. However, for complex cases such as bone grafting, sinus lift should stay further 1-2 days.
4. Surgical implants how long?
Normally within 30-60 minutes but can take longer depending on the location and number of implants.
5. Eat nothing after implant surgery?
Your doctor will guide you with the diet for a few days, usually eat soft foods and cold.
6. Treatment of dental implants how long?
Depending on the state of the bone and gums, implant placement, the bite that has the following cases: bone and gums good condition: implantable prosthesis implant and finished in 1 day to 4 weeks. Bone and gingival status relative consumption: inserting the implant and bone transplant is from 3-6 months after completion of the new prosthesis. Bone and gingival condition spend more: bone graft to about 6-9 months, 6 months waiting implant restorations completed
7. Implant has been eliminated does not?
In the world today there is no report showing that the implant be eliminated because titanium- metal implants - proved to be compatible with the human body. The success rate of dental implants is higher than other types of prostheses, more than 95%. Implant failure is usually caused by infection.
8. Implant exists for how long?
Dental implants can last a lifetime if you adhere to hygiene guidelines and periodic re-examination. Many implant survival over 40 years.

9. How many Implant System?
Currently, there are about 200 implant systems in the world. The difference between these systems is the shape and extent of widely used around the world. Headed by Noble Biocare implant systems is the first implant systems in the world with continuous improvements.
10. Objects and age can implant?
Generally, anyone missing teeth (one tooth, several teeth or all teeth) can perform tooth implants. However, in order to secure dental implants and success, before the transplant, the doctor will check, X-rays, carefully consider and evaluate overall health status and your mouth. The size and nature of edentulous jaw your site is what is of most interest. Jawbone of some kind? Hard type (D1), moderately hard (D2, D3) or soft foam (D4); jawbone has been spending a lot of it? ... as the basis to select the type of implant. Spending more bone after tooth loss can be an obstacle. At that required bone graft, bone nong enough space to implant new teeth. In the under 16 age group, bone development system is not complete therefore not suitable implant. There is no limit on the age of the implants. If those patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, ... can also treat implants when well-controlled disease.
11. Importance of Implant for the elderly like?
According to research by the dental school, tooth loss rates proportional to age. The main reason leading to tooth loss in the elderly is due to inflammatory periodontal disease. The severity of periodontal disease increases with age. This increase may be due to illness in the body, changes in oral tissue, salivary glands, ... or due to poor motor skills of older persons leads to oral hygiene is difficult . Previously, a common dental restorations to the elderly as dentures but it's hard to eat chewing comfortable with it. Removable dentures often entangled in the mouth, chewing function is not high, reduced appetite when eaten, obstacles to the pronunciation, the hooks that can damage the teeth, jaw bones waves, diminishing the consumption function authors loose and after a while to edit or rework. Besides, the collision between a removable denture with perennial wave function can hurt the wave function and create negative tumors in the mouth.
12. What is the Mini-IMPLANT?
Mini-implants are the implants are small in size, less than 3 mm in diameter. Mini-implants are used in the following cases: Firmly stabilize dentures thaolap (full function or part function). · Fixed restorations on a narrow range of tooth loss, bone thin as the incisors. · Mini-Implant addition also used in orthodontic anchorage. Mini-Implant just a small surgery. They are placed through the gums and plugged directly into the jawbone. Mini-implants can be used immediately, ie as soon as possible placed temporarily above dental restorations immediately without having to wait for time. Pros: Price thanhthap more, made simple, not time-consuming treatment. Cons: Because of the small size bearing capacity and durability less chewing than conventional implants note
13. The dental implant?
1. After tooth loss, as the implant as soon as possible.
2. Remember that the right time. When doctors decided not to hold any more teeth should be even if for a long spit heavier infections, more bone resorption.
3. For non-traumatic tooth extraction (preserved bones) - this is a new method of extracting teeth in the world is applied in Dentistry DDS.
4. Screening CT necessary for implant placement because CT help assess the length, the width of the bone to choose appropriate implant size.
5. It should tell your doctor know if you smoke, grinding of teeth, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
6. The implant can be completed in 24 hours, with the loss of one year, depending on the quality of the bone.
7. implant painless extractions softer.
8. Not necessarily how much dental implant is implanted this much, can put less of the tooth implant takes depends on the location and quality of the bone.
9. For aesthetic dental implant as natural teeth is a huge challenge. 10. Dental implant teeth can not be equal.