Wrong GUEST DENTAL ORAL Destructive
Brushing habits incorrectly can seriously damage oral health . More dangerous if some errors are very easy to commit in life .
1. Brush your teeth with cold water
Brush your teeth with cold water easily harm the dentin , causing sensitive teeth and do not create conditions for the chemicals in toothpaste to take effect .
The main ingredient in toothpaste is fluoride. The research in the laboratory found that this ingredient plays an important role and have the best effect optimum temperature is 37 degrees C.
The dentists recommend that you brush your teeth with warm water because it is the closest temperature environment for body heat .

2. Brushing too hard
Using excessive force when brushing can damage the gums , can cause damage to the teeth . " Need to brush your teeth with a moderate force . Force you use to brush your teeth very idea that such a slight , but actually as big as that power is concentrated in a small area , "said Professor Peter Heasman , dental experts at the University of Newcastle (UK ) to know.

3. Brushing sideways
A survey showed that more than 90% of Chinese people should apply horizontal teeth . The purpose of brushing is to remove the bacteria and the residues on the surface of teeth , not too abrasive .
Brushing teeth horizontally on top of other words like teeth grinding action , can not eliminate the excess sludge which can cause tooth defects such as gingivitis , periodontitis or sensitive teeth ...
Recommendation : The best way is to tilt the brush 45 degrees compared with the tooth surface , hit backwards circular motion clockwise , do not brush too aggressively .

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4. Brushing too fast or too long
Many people think that brushing is to remove bacteria and food debris. Actually, that's not entirely true. Rinse your mouth with water can remove more than 90% of food residue remaining careful brushing purpose is to destroy the plaque.
Dental plaque is a colorless bacteria attached to the surface of the teeth and gums. It is the cause of tooth decay and gum disease. The average time brushing of the majority population of about 59 seconds, this is not enough time to clean the mouth completely.
Besides, there are many people for as long as sealing brushing clean. This also harm the interests and enamel.
Recommendation: The time brushing is most effective in about 2 minutes. Mouthwash before brushing with toothpaste beneficial to start operations.

6. Rinse mouth too many times after brushing
Some active ingredients in toothpaste should be retained to form the tooth surface layer of protection, and we need to have time to avoid the bacteria to maintain rapid development. However, too much mouthwash will lose the effect.
7. A toothbrush is not the right size
The size of each of the teeth are not the same. Brush size is too large or too small will make it impossible to complete the task.