What causes tooth decay
     There are four elements that cause tooth decay are: bacteria, food (sugar), the tooth structure and timing.
  • Leftovers stick on teeth (especially sugar sweet) is the basis for bacteria that cling to proliferate. Children often lazy brushing or eating candy before bedtime, it will create a favorable environment for the bacteria that cause dental caries development.
  • The bacteria that cause tooth decay as the bacteria sticking to the teeth and have the ability to produce and secrete organic matter, polyore .. these substances can dissolve organic and inorganic deposits and tooth structure.
     Resistant to tooth decay depends on the question of the tooth. If tooth defects in tooth structure or enamel defects with caries risk will be higher. For example: When a child with congenital dental enamel (enamel means more vulnerability calcium deficiencies), which bind to bacterial spots forming bacteria attack the teeth more easily, leading to potentially tooth decay as well higher than other children.
The level of dental caries
     Even when such risks. Come DDS Dentistry for examination and advice free of charge. Here's what we can do for you and your child:
  • For children's teeth: fillings bit support groove caries prevention as a permanent function grows
  • For adult teeth: For welding early if the cord inflammation, bone marrow requiring treatment regime early cord.
     After root canal therapy need veneers to protect the teeth and organizational structure to ensure aesthetics
Daily caries prevention
  • Brushing before bed and after waking up, brushing after meals
  • Properly brush their teeth: brush and soft fruit pieces, brush the outside, and chewing surface on the lower side of the two functions.
  • Use toothpaste with biocides, with fluoride and calcium help the hard tooth enamel, so teeth can drain the bacteria and help with better acid.
  • Floss to clean between teeth
  • Use mouthwash effective disinfection to clean entire flossing teeth that have not been cleaned.
  • Should a dental check periodically for timely treatment of the new tooth decay.